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SUN ENTERPRISES LTD. has implemented a Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Policy (SHE) the primary aims of which are to:

  • Provide for safe and sound practices in ship operations along with a healthy working environment that emphasizes safety
  • Assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel, job-related hazards and the environment and establish appropriate safe guards.
  • Improve, on an ongoing basis, the management skills of shore-based and seagoing personnel with a particular focus on emergency preparedness, safety and environmental protection
  • Diligently review and improve occupational health, safety management and pollution prevention standards
  • Abide by all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, mandatory rules and regulations, codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the Company, classification societies and maritime industry organizations as same may be related to safety, occupational health and environmental protection
  • Communicate this Policy to all Company personnel and the interested public

Sun Enterprises LTD. - Bottom info

The Company's SHE Policy

has been established with the unequivocal commitment of senior management so as to ensure that all shore-based and seagoing personnel operate the managed fleet in an environmentally friendly manner while simultaneously ensuring the safety of life and property.

The occupational health and safety of all personnel is of paramount concern to the Company, one that extends to contracted parties and any other individuals directly or indirectly linked to our business and operations.

At SUN ENTERPRISES LTD. we believe that the application of and adherence to this Policy will greatly assist the Company in fulfilling one of its fundamental objectives; namely, the reduction, control, prevention and eventual elimination of work-related casualties and illnesses.

Moreover, our implementation of sound preventive standards aimed at conservation further emphasizes our uncompromising commitment to environmental preservation and clean seas.