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Sun Enterprises LTD. - Main Component

Company’s Core Values

Our Core Values represent our DNA that is inherited by our 140 years of history. Sun Enterprises Ltd are always committed to run its business with Safety, Professional Integrity, Proactiveness, Innovation, Diligence and Teamwork ensuring the way to achieving our mission and vision statements

Safety and Sustainability

Safety comes first without any compromises. We care and look after each other by taking proper precautions making sure everyone gets home safely. We consider people and planet in all of our decisions and actions. We contribute to a sustainable business, environment and community.

Professional Integrity

We are open, honest, and lead by example. We build trust with others and are trustworthy. We admit our mistakes and use them as an opportunity to improve our skills and processes.


We assess the risk and give highest priority to safety taking proper precautions and sharing knowledge.


We seek and promote new thinking and ideas. We embrace change and encourage others to do the same.
We look for ways to be ahead of the curve and to create value added results. We strive to constantly learn and improve.


We carry through with and accomplish our tasks exercising due diligence. We overcome challenges and remain motivated.


We value and respect each other. We encourage open communication with mutual respect. We support the sharing of knowledge, experience, expertise, skills, and foster the next generation.